Independent Oil Tools / Reliant Australia

Independent Oil Tools Pty Ltd (IOT) / Reliant Australia (RAU) is the only leading service provider to deliver the most appropiate just in time solutions to your business.   The nature of our company's activities places particular emphasis on quality, experience, expertise, safety, community relations, environment, performance and reliability.  Our integrated services and business footprint extends across Australia as well as Internationally with our Alliances. Our drive for excellence has been instrumental in creating safer, cost effective and more efficient solutions for all our clients. 

Company Vision

What we do:

We are an oilfield service contractor specialising in refurbishment, inspection, maintenance and storage of Tubulars and Drill Pipe.   We aim to provide the highest level of customer service and quality to our clients through adherance to our QMS and commitment to continually improve.

What we stand for:

Above all else we endeavour to provide a safe work environment and excellence in our operations.  Our approach is built on consistency, respect and courage.  All members of the team, interested parties included, are empowered to speak up and do the right thing.  We have an obligation to learn how to do things better not only to operate more efficiently but also to better serve our customers and continue to uphold long lasting relationships.

What we value:

**Safety**   **Respect**   **Excellence**    **Courage**  **Improvement*