Mobile FLUT / Fixed Head Units

In setting the benchmark and fulfilling our customers requirements in various locations both locally and internationally IOT has invested in mobile containerised inspection units capable of inspecting oilfield tubulars (drill pipe, casing & tubing) using Full Length Ultrasonic Testing (FLUT) and fixed head Electromagnetic Testing (EMI) systems.   These units provide for all weather inspection at our clients supply base locations,  eliminating expensive transport costs for Rental Companies, Drilling Contractors and Operators.  Our Just In Time Packages (Remediation / Inspection / Coating) allows for quick turnaround of your Assets.


Desktop Inspection Units

IOT has taken delivery of more Desktop Inspection units, BHA Kits and Reface units for both local and international operations.  These units are being dispatched into selected embarkation points to satisfy our customers requirements.

Double Shouldered Reface Kits

IOT has now the capability to undertake Refacing on Double Shouldered Connections in the field.    These patented DSR units have been deployed into IOT operational areas. All IOT inspectors have been certified by OEM supplier.